Land of Mystic Mountains

If you are to find the true land of mountains in the world, there is no country like Nepal. It is full of innumerable majestic mountains from east to west covering a range of about 500 km. In Nepal, mountains without snow are called hills (danda or pahad) and the ones with snow as Himalaya.

Nepal boasts for its 8 highest snow peaks out of total 15 highest ones above 8,000 meter including the highest mountain Mt Everest (8,848 m). Every year, thousands of tourists, trekkers and mountaineers come to explore the mountainous country – Nepal. Confucius, a Chinese philosopher well said that the best place to live is either the high mountains or the sea shores. So, never miss an opportunity to explore the mountainous country like Nepal at least once in your life time.

The beautiful valleys, colorful lakes, fast flowing white water rivers and densely green forests with lovely flowers help make your exploration in the mountains of Nepal a memorable trip as ever. In fact, you are  welcome to explore Mystic mountains of Nepal!!