About Us


We are a Govt. registered travel and trekking agent based in the capital of Nepal: Kathmandu. We are a team of professional entrepreneurs with extensive experience of managing travel agencies and organizing tours to multi-destinations like Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan since 1994. Our strong counterparts are based in Lhasa of Tibet, Beijing of China and Thimpu of Bhutan. We are fully committed to providing environmentally sustainable high-quality travel services with intimate touches.

It is believed that a place where you are comfortable is your home and the people who take good care of you is your family. With this belief, Tibet Kailash Treks (P) Ltd. always tries its best to create a home for you when you are away from your home and a team of our staff as a loving family that takes good care of you during your trip away from your family. With this theme in mind, every member staff of company we takes you to your tour destination both on the classic and off-the-beaten-path with much care and comfort by sharing our intimate knowledge of culture, heritage and land. Our local staff can show you the best of each destination like Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and China. While traveling with us, besides the formal sightseeing tours, sometimes you are taken on a home visit and may find yourself drinking tea or meals with the family members, sometimes even enjoying home stay, sometimes drinking tea with red-robed monks, sometimes riding horses by the side of lakes and hills, sometimes meditating in the monastery and sometimes watching beautiful sunrise & sunset over the Himalayas. Isn’t it fascinating?

Our main mission of services:

Customized and tailored made tours as per your individual taste.
We try to design your dream trip with mutual discussion and consultation. You can choose one of our exciting itineraries or develop an itinerary of your own. We will put every effort in making your journey to your destination a great success not only for once-in-a-lifetime, but urging you to repeat it again and again.

Environmentally responsible high quality travel services.

You know Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan are the Himalayan countries where the eco-system is under a great threat. We wish we could maintain the rich and age old Himalayan culture, heritage and landscape for many generations to come. Our every tour and trek activity is directed in minimizing the environmental and cultural damage. We, with our counterparts in Tibet, China, and Bhutan, follow the responsible tourism discipline. So, every visitor is urged to join hands with us in our mission.

Social obligation to the local people through tourism.
The tourism is that industrial activity which reaches the nook and corner of the rural areas and can benefit the rural population both directly and indirectly. So, we try our best to use the local food, hotels and restaurants while taking you around without compromising quality of services. It helps promoting local farming and creating jobs for the locals. Our local counterparts are also well aware of this mission. Besides, we are involved in social work activities as well. We have been coordinating with our old visitors in sponsoring schooling of local children since long. We have also been helping schools with stationery support in the rural areas. Especially, we were active in supporting earthquake victims with building materials in their house reconstruction.

Our commitment

Our staff members have been working in the tourism industry for many years and they understand very well about what helps make your tour a great success. So, join one of our tours. Our tours are well customized and tailored to suit the tastes and expectations of every traveler. All of our staff speaks good English and our guides are well trained licensed experienced ones. We are always committed for the quality services. More than words, let our actions speak!

Visit Nepal or Tibet or Bhutan or in combination with us, you will remember us for ever.

Warm welcome to our multi-country destination!!


Mahendra Dhoj                                                                        Madhuvan Lal Shrestha
Team Leader                                                                            Marketing Leader

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