Nepal - General Information


Food (Eating Out)
These days, eating out in Kathmandu & Pokhara is enjoyable in the restaurants with a plenty of choices of cuisines as Nepali, Continental, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Tibetan and Bhutanese. While eating out, please avoid fresh green salads and fruits which need not be peeled.

Currency, Foreign Exchange & Credit Cards and Shopping
The monetary unit in Nepal is Nepalese Rupees. Bank note denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 & 1000 rupees are in circulation. One rupee comprises 100 paise (e.g., penny or cent). Coins of less than one rupee does not carry any commercial value.

Especially in the Kathmandu & Pokhara valleys, money exchange facilities are available in plenty. Major credit cards like Master Card, Visa and American Express are accepted by the major shops, restaurants and hotels. In all major cities, 24 hour ATM facilities are available for your credit cards. However, you are advised to carry local currency when you are in trekking.

Please note that foreign visitors, other than the Indian nationals, are required to pay for hotel bills and air tickets in foreign currency.

Shopping in Nepal has different charm. There is a wide range of Nepalese handicraft products such as hand-knotted woolen carpets, jewelry , pashmina shawls, woolen knitted wears, embroidery, thangka paitings, wood carvings, metal works, ceramics, pottery, rice paper and stationery, etc. Besides, buying foreign products including cameras, shoes, sports wears, etc are worth trying. Shopping here is better sometimes than in Singapore, Hong Kong and even Dubai duty free shops.

Bargaining is always a fun everywhere, if you know how.

Time and Business Hours
Nepal time is 5 hours 45 minutes ahead of GMT. Banks are open from 10 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday. Govt. offices are open from 10 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. However, most of the business organizations and shops are closed only on Saturdays.

Religious Etiquette
Visitors to Hindu temples or Buddhist shrines are expected to take off their shoes as a mark of respect. In some of the temples, entrance may be prohibited for the non-Hindus. Leather articles are prohibited inside the temples of precinct. It is better not to touch offerings or persons when they are on their way to temples. Beef is strictly prohibited among the Hindus. No female animal is killed for sacrifice. Walking around the temples or shrines is traditionally undertaken clockwise. In some temples, particularly, inside the temple of Pashupatinath & Muktinath, photography is prohibited.

The world is very small these days. 3G & 4G mobile SIMs are available in every major cities easily. All star hotels and restaurants in all major cities provide Wi-Fi services.

Electricity is AC of 220 volts / 50 Hz. Socket sizes vary. So, it is advisable to take a multi plug adapter.

Travel light! Hotel laundries are efficient. Your heavy luggage problem may not enable you to enjoy the charm of shopping.

You are responsible for your luggage at all times. We take care of group porterage for your luggage. Make sure that your luggage is always locked and please take care of your hand bags yourself, even upon the porter’s request to help you out.

Clothes & Accessories

For the culture tours, please bring the following.

01. Sun Hat
02. Suntan Lotion
03. Sun Glasses
04. Chapsticks
06. Small Rucksack
07. Medical Kit
08. Swiss Knife
09. Windsheeter
10. T-Shirts/Shirts
11. Shorts
12. Swim Suit
13. Woollen Sweater/Jumper
14. Woollen Socks
15. Cotton Socks
16. Rain Coat/Umbrella

If you are trekking, please add the following in your packing.

17. Down Jacket
18. Trekking Boots
19. Sleeping Bag (If personal, better)
20. Unbreakable Water Bottle
21. Flash Light
22. Gloves
23. Woollen Cap

Booking and Reservation

Minimum of 2-3 weeks in advance, a firm booking with full payment either by bank transfer/credit cards along with full passport details should reach us.


50% of the tour cost will be charged as cancellation fee if you cancel the tour within 7 days prior to the start of the tour. No refund thereafter, also for no show, delayed arrivals or whatsoever reason.

Risk & Liability

Tibet Kailash Treks (P) Ltd. always puts its all efforts in making your journey smooth and pleasant. However, as all tours are strictly run under Nepal Tourism Board and Dept of Tourism, Tibet Kailash Treks (P) Ltd. or its agents shall not be responsible for any change or cancellation of programs due to any unavoidable circumstances such as road blockade, flood, snow, unrest, strikes, cancellation of flight, delayed arrival of clients, sickness or accidents, breakdown of vehicles, etc. Hereafter, any extra cost incurring thereof shall be borne by the clients on the spot. So, it is most advised that the clients should bring full insurance against personal health, accident risk and cancellation of tour.

General books

Shrestha, A. M. 2002 Man from Nepal. Robin Books
Rana, D.S.J.B, 1999 Seto Bagh – The Wake of the White Tiger. Translated by Greta Rana,